Don’t have time to “do Twitter”? Don’t even get me started on this…

If you truly believe you don’t have time to “do Twitter”, that’s okay. We can still be friends. But there’s still no reason why you can’t be a Twitter Rock Star in only 10 minutes a day.

Here’s how: Make the most of the time you do have in 10 easy steps to rock Twitter in only 10 minutes a day:

  1. Tweet only 10 times throughout the day. That’s it.
  2. Only take one minute to create each tweet. Sounds like a really short time but, in fact, it’s not. Most people fire off a tweet in seconds. Take one whole minute. Set a timer if you need to, but really think about what you want to tell the whole world, every one of your customers and everyone of your prospects about right now. Tweet that. And NO elevator pitches!
  3. Schedule time to write your tweets. If you can’t block 10 minutes throughout the day then you have bigger time management problems than I can help you with. Schedule 10 individual tweeting sessions, 5 minutes to compose 2 tweets, whatever.
  4. Capture inspiration. If you say something inspiring, have a brilliant thought or hear something #awesome, don’t tweet it. Yep that’s right, DON’T tweet it. Write it down, Evernote it, type it into the Twitter box but do not hit send. Wait till your one-minute comes up and then use that time to do whatever editing it will take to turn a good tweet into a great tweet.
  5. Send a message. Is there something on your mind that you’ve told 10, 20, 36 people today? Maybe something great happened today? Maybe it’s a special occasion? If you’re spending all day telling everyone you meet something, why not scale up your message?
  6. Catch someone doing something good. Everyone likes a pat on the back once in awhile. Everyone. Did you have a great meal at a local restaurant? I mean a REALLY great meal? Was the service awesome? Did the @westjet attendant at the Ottawa airport somehow get you on an earlier flight home so you could read your kids bedtime story? #truestory. Tweet it.
  7. Share something. Share an interesting link, a picture, a video, anything. If you find something useful then it’s likely that someone else will too. You don’t have to come up with all your own material. In fact, a healthy mix of original content, conversation and sharing is probably the best way to “do Twitter”.
  8. Answer a question that everyone is always asking you. Have you answered a specific question from a customer so many times that it’s driving you nuts? If that many people are asking and you have the answer… I’m going to let you figure this one out on your own.
  9. Include data. People like data. Especially business people. Don’t say “lot’s of people” say “20% of all Canadians”. Make sure you use accurate data and adding a link to the rest of the data doubles the tweety goodness. Don’t have any data to share today? Create a list with a number in it: for example, i.e. “Ten steps to rule Twitter in 10 minutes a day”.
  10. Talk about them, not you. Share thoughts, link data, whatever, but make sure it’s something that your followers (who are either you customers or prospective customers) will find useful, interesting and be grateful for you having shared.
  11. Always give 110%. Yeah, it’s overused, but mathematically correct in this case. We always take everything to 11 at Smashing Pixels. So one last thought: people spread #awesome (hat tip to@unmarketing). So if you only have time for 10 tweets a day, tweet awesome!

What do you think? Will a 10/10 Twitter strategy work? Do you have a routine or system that you use to become a better Tweeter?