Social media is all about transparency, sharing and being your organic authentic self.


Well there are some things you should probably just keep to yourself.

Here’s 10 of them:

#1 Your phone number

There are creepy, disturbed people out there on the Internet with ill intentions and bad manners. They are called telemarketers. Don’t feed the telemarketers. Especially after midnight. Sort of like Gremlins.

#2 Pictures of your credit card

Yep. People actually do this. I know you’re proud of your new Toronto Maple Leaf’s branded VISA card, but showing it off on Instagram is like posting Identity theft porn.

#3 Pictures of any bodily function

I know where you think I’m going with this one, but I’m not. I’m talking about potty training. This is one instance where “pics or it didn’t happen” needs to not apply.

#4 This

#5 An invitation to “please rob me”

Letting the 1/6 of the human population of this planet that is on Facebook know that you’re in Mexico this week while that brand new 60” TV that you posted about last week is home all alone is an invitation to “please rob me”.

#6 Vaguebooking

“Wondering why…” Me too. Un-follow.

#7 Your password

This one should be at the top of the no-brainer pile. If your password is the name of your cat who has his own Facebook account with 1,632 friends, then you either need to change your password or your cat.

#8 Anything that happened in Vegas

This is a rule for a reason.

#9 Your Klout score or any other social media stat

You’re clearly over compensating for something, which leads to the final thing you should never share on social media…

#10 A naked selfie

If you’re a A list celebrity taking nude pictures of your self in the bathroom with your iPhone for your PR firm to leak to the media that’s fine. Otherwise, not cool.

Got any more suggestions? Share them in the comments below!