You’ve signed on to attend a fundraiser, a networking event, a show, or a conference.

You’re so excited to tell all of your followers about it when you are there.

But you’re new to social media. You don’t know what to say, how to say, or when to say, well, anything from the event you’re at.

Don’t panic.

Follow these basic steps and you will be able to effectively communicate strong content from any event you are attending.

Get the Hashtag

Once you have signed up to attend the event, find out what the hashtag is from the event organizer. Your first tweet about the event should be that you will be attending, and it should include the event hashtag.

In all tweets regarding the event, include the hashtag. That will make you a part of the event conversation, help you engage with other attendees, and show your followers how important the event is to you.

Promote in Advance

Talk about the event in the days and weeks leading up to it. Help be an active cheerleader for the cause by telling people what is so great about it.

By talking about the event in advance, and the people who are involved with it, you run a real chance of having your tweets re-tweeted. That means your name and your brand reaching an audience of followers that you have never previously engaged.

Promoting the event will get you promoted!

Know Other Peoples’ Twitter Handles

It is very important to make sure that while you are tweeting the event, you are using @ mentions of people rather than mentioning their name in the traditional sense.

You should already be following any speakers or organizers well before the event takes place, so you should have their Twitter handles already.

If you don’t have Twitter names of the people you speak with during the event, don’t be afraid to ask for it. They will appreciate the fact that you are going out of your way to promote them online.

Tweet to Your Audience

Make sure that the content you are tweeting is relevant to your followers, clients, and associates. You want to provide content that is valuable for you to share to your own followers that you currently have, while giving a reason for others to also follow you. By providing unique content based on your business or personal interests, your followers are likely to take a greater interest in your overall online content.

Use Direct Quotes

Give credit where it is due.

There are some pretty awesome people who are involved with the event you are at.  Chances are they are going to make statements that would be valuable for you to share. Use those quotes to help provide content that we be useful to your followers, as well as others following the event.

Add Media – But For a Reason

Pictures are great to add to tweets while at an event. You have the opportunity to visually capture the essence and spirit of an event.

But don’t just take a picture for the sake of taking one. Make sure there is a reason for the photo. You want to make sure that your photo is actually adding valuable content to your posts.

I would recommend taking photos of things that impress, surprise, or interest you.

Be Consistent

Make sure that you provide consistent content throughout an event. Don’t send out a flurry of tweets at the start and finish of the event; spread them out throughout the day. That will give you a greater opportunity to engage with your followers, and a greater opportunity to engage others outside of your network.

Re-tweet others

Not every piece of content has to be your own.

There are other people in the conversation who are also providing interesting content, people that you may not already be connected with.

Re-tweet the content then make the connection. You add valuable content to your network, and could also introduce a new contact to a client who needs it.

Talk About the People You Network With

Any time you have a business-related conversation at an event, you should take a moment to mention it on Twitter. Tell your followers who you are having a conversation with and why.

Much like the reason for re-tweeting, it provides an opportunity to introduce your followers to someone who could be of value to them. You are providing your followers with the service of introducing new people to the network.

Follow Up After the Event

There are many ways to follow up on the content and connections you have received an event.

Interesting content can turn in to information you use for blog posts, presentations, or valuable lessons for how to progress in your business or personal life. Tell the person who provided the content, and your network, how much you appreciate what they have provided.

Don’t forget to spread some love to the new contacts you made at the event too. One easy way to do that is to give them a shout-out with an @ mention, how you met, what they do, and a link to their website. That gives your followers some context for why you are mentioning that person.

All of these tips will help you to provide timely, valuable, and sensible content for your followers from any event that you may attend. By sharing your experiences, you give your followers a constant reason to be engaged by your content. By engaging in the conversation at events, you put yourself in a position to meet new contacts, add value to your customers, and potentially earn more business.