Everyone is talking about how “Facebook Ads this” and “Facebook Ads that.” How they are the best thing since, well, Google Ads. Everyone is saying it, “Facebook Ads is where it’s at right now!”

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I’m here to talk about why your Facebook Ads don’t work.

5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work.


Your Message is Wrong

You may have the wrong pictures. You may have the wrong words. Or you have the right pictures and words, but no one is really interested in it. If your ads are not working, look at your message.

Messaging must be clear. Make sure you cater to what your audience is looking for. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention and make them click.


Know Your Audience

Who are you targeting with your ad? Do they want to see your message?

This is a key mistake that we see all the time. Facebook allows you to target very specifically to who you want to advertise to. Take advantage of the tools provided for you.

Are you targeting a specific audience for your specific service? Then don’t point your ads at markets that don’t even need it.

Is your product/service specific to a geographical area? Then don’t waste your ads targeting all of Canada.

You need to know who your ideal client is (and please do not say everyone!). Pay attention to who your audience is, and ask yourself, “Does this audience need my product / service?”


Your Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your CTA should tell the audience exactly what you want them to do. Are you asking them to sign up for a newsletter? Or should they click to download? What about buy now?

Is your CTA strong enough to move your audience to take action?

Here’s a tip for your CTA: Use buttons to entice people to act. Facebook gives them to you, and people are more likely to act when prompted to do so.


What’s Next

We have heard from many clients that they have the right message, the right audience, and the right CTA, but nothing is happening. We believe it’s because they didn’t focus on the “what’s next” part of the ad.

A click will do nothing but cost you money if you haven’t planned for “what’s next”. Where does your ad click to? Give your audience an easy transition to what they are after. What they expect and where they end up should be the same! We’ve all clicked on an ad, only to get lost on the client’s page. And if it’s too complicated, we leave. Make it easy for your audience.

One of the top reasons most Facebook Ads don’t work is that they are not focused on what happens after someone clicks the ad.

What happens if someone wants more information, not just a purchase? Remember to focus on all of your audience: Those that buy now and those that may buy later.



Everyone is preaching that $5/day Facebook Ads will get you rich. This is simply not true. If you have an audience that is 50k or 100k strong, then your $5 budget won’t make the slightest dent. Not budgeting enough money is like throwing your money away.

With Facebook advertising, there are two distinct areas you want to pay attention to: Reach and Frequency. Reach is the amount of people that will potentially see your ad, while Frequency is how often they will see it. These are extremely important factors you need to pay attention to.

Make sure you have enough budget to reach everyone on the list with a decent frequency. Think of radio. You advertise on the morning drive, lunch time, weather and drive home spots. This is to ensure that everyone hears your ad. The same is true when advertising on facebook.

You need to show up in front of your audience more than once. What if the phone rang the first and only time the ad popped up? That ad time is now lost. You have to penetrate the audience to make an effective case for them.

Effective Facebook Advertisers understand how many people to reach with their ad and how often they need to see it.

To Recap

  • Get your message right.
  • Target the right audience
  • Have a strong CTA
  • Fix your “What Happens Next” step (your landing pages)
  • Have the right budget to get inside the audience.

If you fix these 5 things, I guarantee you will absolutely crush it with Facebook Ads.

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