The Challenge

HNWS came to Smashing Pixels with an outdated website that was not user-friendly. Our challenge was to create a more functional website that would help them achieve their goal of serving women in need. We kept their existing brand identity and worked with the board of directors to build a user-friendly website.

The Process

Working with the board of directors, we re-edited all pages for content. The organization already had a logo and brand identity, which they wanted to keep. The committee wanted the website to showcase their programs and be easy to use for potential clients. To enhance user experience, we decided to organize all the content into four categories. The board also wanted us to create resource pages that were easy to use for their clients. We decided on a website that had a consistent theme and a robust user experience. We utilized stock images to visually tell the story of this organization’s mission and values. The new website was user-friendly, showcased all the services, and had a consistent theme.