The Challenge

Bell City Mechanical was a new business when we first met them. They had an idea and a vision of helping everyone in Brantford when it came to comfort and climate control in their home or office building. However, they were unsure of how they could reach people. We talked about the importance of an online presence and how their client utilizes Google to find their service.

The Process

We met with the client to determine which services in the HVAC industry they served.

We found out that not only did they do traditional air conditioning and furnace repair, but they also specialized in the gas line and propane furnaces.

We then did a competitive analysis of all the other HVAC companies in the area to determine what keywords clients were searching for and clicking on.

From there, we created all of the service pages for the client and the areas that they served.

Finally, we optimized every single page so they could show up at the top of Google search results.

The Solution

Bell City mechanical now has multiple work vans as well as a salesman on the road. The importance of their website always being found as well as being able to convert and generate new business is now paramount. It’s been a pleasure for us to be along for the ride and the growth of this young HVAC company . They can now be seen on their website, Google ads, Facebook and digital billboard ads in and around Brantford.

“I honestly can’t say enough about Trevor and his amazing team at Smashing Pixels—they are the best of the best. Yes, talented and skilled and absolutely awesome on the technical side, but it’s more than that. I can contact them from a remote island in Fiji or a ship sailing the Adriatic Sea—and believe me, I have—and they’re always quick to respond and at-the-ready for whatever I need. Attention to detail, genuine care for the client—it’s all there. I’ll say it again—Smashing Pixels is the best.”

Tim Johnson

Let’s Make Things Happen

Trevor Cherewka

Marketing, Sales, SEO, Trainer

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