The Challenge

First, Defense Pest Control is in the business of protecting you from any unwanted creatures that may find their way into your house. When they came to us, they had a dated website that needed much updating. The business needed a logo to make it easy for public recognition. We had to update the content, images, addresses, phone numbers, and services pages to ensure an optimal user experience.

The Process

We met with First Defence Pest Control to help them build a new website. Their old website was outdated and did not provide much info on their services. We decided to revamp their website, include content on each service, and have landing pages. We choose to focus on making the website easy for the customers by including categories for services (bed bugs, rodent control, residential services). The company also needed to update its brand identity, so we helped them design a new logo. We included descriptions of services and added a frequently asked questions section and a section on how to identify bedbugs in your home. We were thrilled to hear about the bedbug-smelling dog. We decided to highlight this unique service on the new website under the “K9 detection” section.

The Solution

We started with a logo created for the company. Then, we began service pages for everything First Defence can offer. We created a service area that they worked within so that we would be able to attract phone calls in multiple geographical regions. After the website launched, they expanded and brought in a K-9 unit to help with pest control. Shortly after that, they got into the mosquito spray business. Today, First Defence Pest Control is a full-service pest control company that ranks high in the Google Search Result Pages (SERPs) in multiple geographical areas for multiple pest-control services.

“Trevor and his team are fantastic. They are design and internet guru’s for certain. As a small business owner I need my marketing $$ to work the best and to stretch as far as I can get them to go. Smashing pixels listens to your wants and desires and they deliver.”

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