The Challenge

Storage Tech had the vision to serve the North American shipping container market and had a variety of sturdy and versatile containers to accomplish this vision. What they lacked was a website to showcase what they could offer clients. Smashing Pixels started work with Storage Tech just before supply chain issues hit. Customers could order numerous products, but it was unclear when they would arrive at the warehouse.

The Process

We met with Storage Tech to identify issues that were impacting their business. The main problem was that they had no website and advertised only on Kijiji. We set out to increase Home Sleep Care’s visibility in the local community by making its digital presence stand out from the competition. In our conversation with Storage Tech, we identified their strengths as a provider of storage containers. We came up with a strategy to highlight these strengths on their website. We designed the website to illustrate how the storage containers were water and windproof and versatile use for commercial and private use. The new website included images and videos which showcased the storage containers, and we set it up for e-commerce. We optimized every page on the website so the new content would show up at the top of Google search results.

The Solution

Smashing Pixels used Storage Tech’s new site to showcase the multiple solutions that the containers can offer, as well as size options. Storage Tech offered a great deal of variety for containers, and the new site was finally able to communicate this convenience to clients. Storage Tech has had great success since the site went live, and is currently setting up dealer pages to help expand their growing market share.

“We’re loving our new website. Trevor and his team helped bring our vision to life. They were great and easy to work with. I highly recommend their team for all your web needs!”

Ashley Mooney

Let’s Make Things Happen

Trevor Cherewka

Marketing, Sales, SEO, Trainer

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