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When you’re optimizing your WordPress blog content for SEO purposes, it is very important to understand the different plugins that you will need to post product reviews to your site. One question to ask is, Should I use the plugin, or will a third party plugin do? The answer lies in the purpose of the plugin and who will be using it to post.

Although many Search Engine Optimizers find it hard to figure out how to use, if you want to post reviews and other information to your own WordPress blog, then it is critical to learn how to and avoid hand-coding it all. Because is now Google’s structured data standard, it makes sense that sites that use this plugin have a definite advantage in Google search rankings over those who use (or misuse) other plugins and codes.

Google uses Schema markup to create rich snippets of information that show up in searches. For example, these snippets are from sites that use to improve ranking.

Schema SEO rich snippets can be used to get other listings more attention in search rankings as well. There are Schemas specifically for events, jobs, and reviews. Even current news can be coded for relevant and timely searches about these subjects, to be served and seen during times that people are most interested in them.

Using might not necessarily mean a higher ranking for an item in the search, the rich snippet created will have the information needed to attract more clicks. The eye is attracted to listings that look different from the others that area available. Images, asterisks, and stars all attract attention in a search that typically returns plain blue lines of results.

In order to achieve the results that are shown for these snippets, allows website creators to provide information that includes their business name and type, location, product information such as price range and brand. More information tells potential customers exactly what to expect when they click on the search result. This helps a business’ local ranking because, without being able to input location data, a local business listing might get buried under search results for businesses that are less relevant to their local customer base.

Of course, a web designer still has the option of using a third party plugin to input data. This might be necessary for the purpose of allowing others to post information to a site that still needs to rank in search engine results. However, not all of these plugins will allow you to plug in the same information or as much information as There may also be issues if you choose to mix more than one plugin on a page that results in codes that become jumbled or don’t make sense. is constantly making improvements to its plugin that make it easier to use to get your site noticed by potential visitors and customers. Most recently, Schema added several features including the ability to indicate whether your business has dynamic locations through GeoCircle. You can now let readers know how far your service is available using a certain postal code as a point of reference. The vocabulary for Schema is constantly growing to include descriptions of services relevant to different industries. The community is allowed to participate in Schema’s growth, expanding the vocabulary to encompass the needs of industries as varied as real estate, finance, and medicine.

There are other plugins that can help with SEO. Google does not discriminate against other data structures when it comes to rankings. However, if you want to maintain a high click-through rate for your site, which Google does use for rankings, then it is important to make your listings stand out. The rich snippets created by markups can do that for your site and make it stand out from the competition.

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