Facebook is changing

Like it or not, Facebook is changing…..again. But we already knew that because one thing that Facebook is good at is change.

Here are some of the changes you will see

• Your posts will now appear on a single wide column on the left as opposed to two columns.

• Tabs will appear under your cover image replacing the boxes there now.

• Following in Twitters footsteps your subscribers (not your friends list), the people who subscribe to your public updates will now called followers.

• Also following Twitters lead, your name will appear in white over the bottom of your cover photo. So make sure your picture isn’t white or it will be hard to read.

Facebook is not known to comment before a design change, and there has been no official word from the company however; according to the buzz on social media, the changes have started to appear in New Zealand.

So in the end we are going back before Timeline and adding a cover photo and a few ideas borrowed from twitter.


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