Many companies are beginning to understand that video is a necessary  component of a strong website. With the cost of professional video production  within reach for most businesses, there is a desire to push video content to the  homepage of the site in an attempt to hook visitors.

So what do you produce for content? An advertisement? A greeting? A behind-  the-scenes tour?

According to Jody Matheson, Production Manager at Daily Web TV, video integrated on a corporate website is a great way to create a relationship between a business and a potential customer.

“You need to create the relationship that you are the expert. You have information that you can share with the public.”

By creating a video that shows you as an expert in your field, you can provide inherent value to a current or potential customer. You are showing that person that you are the expert in your field; you are the go-to person in your industry.

“Use your video to answer those common questions, like a video FAQ.”

You answer the questions simply and clearly, with basic language that anyone can understand. By answering the questions that people ask the most, in advance of the first sales conversation, you have provided a reason for the customer to come to you. You have just established yourself as the expert in your field.

Real answers to real questions can save people time and money. And you’re the person who provided the answers.

And you’ve done it with a video integrated on your homepage.

That’s relationship building. That’s effective use of video. That’s video content marketing.

To hear more from Jody Matheson, check out his presentation from Tweetstock 6.