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Building a brand requires the use of visual media that strikes a chord with your target market. Studies show that people respond better to visual stimulants such as color and pictures as compared to words alone. Graphic design should be part of your branding strategy in both print and web design.

Smashing Pixels is a team of professional designers who will work with you to create that lasting, memorable brand you desire. We are the best graphic design firm for your needs, be it custom graphics, logo design, or a company website. We have you covered. Having worked with hundreds of clients in Toronto, across Canada and in the United States, we understand the importance a good first impression brings to any business.

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Graphic Design

We are experts at creating graphics that speak to your audience.

A well-designed graphic speaks better than words alone. Colors, pictures, and text creatively put together will strike the right emotional response from your viewers. We treat every creative design job as unique. As the top design studio, our goal is to create visuals that will drive your online agenda.

Do you need website graphics or graphic design for print? Do you want graphics that create a lasting impression? Or, do you need graphics that tell your story, turning your online visitors from browsers to loyal customers?

Our team will work with you through the idea generation stages, developing and planning until the completed graphics are ready. Our experience has taught us that different audiences respond to different graphics and graphic styles. Our designers make sense of your business needs and your targeted audience. You can always be sure that the visuals we create will have the desired impact on your clients.

Web Design & Development

We create websites that are attractive, accessible, and functional. Your website is often the first and possibly only link between you and your online client. If you want to create an online presence that has loyal customers following you and easily beats the competition, then hiring a design company is a must. Besides being one of the top design firms in the Toronto area, Smashing Pixels is also a leading web design and development company.

Web design has come a long way from static websites. New websites should be completely dynamic and involve visitor interaction. Websites are more than stops where internet users visit to get information, they have become storefronts where you make sales and build a following. Our team of designers and developers are skilled in creating attractive and functional sites that will help you achieve your online goals.

From micro-sites and landing pages, to company websites or fully functional eCommerce sites, our design team has you covered. Each website is custom designed to meet your unique needs.

Print Design

Print design that passes the intended message is our ultimate goal. Your offline marketing campaigns are as important as online marketing campaigns. The importance of print design is everywhere. From business cards to flyers, brochures and quarterly reports, banners to billboards, our creative designers will work with you to create amazing, stunning visuals that represent you. We have been featured in top print publications, newspapers, magazines and client publications.

As with all of our graphic design processes, our team will work with you from start to finish. Your project will be under the careful watchful eye of our Senior Creative Director. Throughout the process, you’re always kept in the loop to ensure that the final print design is what you are looking for.

Logo Design

We create logos that tell your company story. Logo design is one of the main services provided by design firms. Your business logo is the branding tool that distinguishes your business from all others. As a top branding firm, Smashing Pixels has helped develop and design hundreds of logos for all types of companies. Our logos are designed with three features in mind; simplicity, memorability and relevance. Whether you are a festival or dental shop, an accountant or a bank, our team of professional designers will work with you to get it right.

Creative Design

We create and deliver amazing design at Smashing Pixels. To make your brand stand out, you need to do things differently. This involves a lot of creativity when it comes to designing visual media. Our team of graphic designers are experts at thinking outside the box. Every creative design process begins with the question, What does the viewer of this design expect? We understand that in order for your customer to take the desired action, be it a sale, subscription, or even share a graphic, a like or follow, specific expectations must be met. Our creative design process is designed to achieve this expectation.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Smashing Pixels. They continually come up with creative ideas each season and always want to improve on our marketing pieces. Smashing Pixels has produced the look of our last 5 seasons for the brochures, playbill, ticket jackets and matinee piece. They provide new design ideas with our vision for consideration and do this in a timely manner. They are organized, quick to respond and are always helpful with our requests. Everyone is beyond professional at the company.”

Liz Oden

Public Relations and Communications, Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts

Why Smashing Pixels?

Smashing Pixels is one of the top graphic design studios in Brantford. Our main focus when undertaking any design process is on you and your target audience. We believe that every website or graphic we design must be able to help build a credible online brand that meets and exceeds our clients’ needs. Every design job we undertake is tailor-made to meet the specific client’s needs. We believe that your success is also ours. That’s one reason why many of our contracts come from repeat business and referrals.

If you’re looking for a graphic design company that will handle all your creative design needs, choose Smashing Pixels today and build a brand that’s credible and has a loyal following of paying clients.

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