Want to Grow Your Brand – Post Often

Posting content ofter puts your business in front of many people and can grow your brand tremendously. A question many of our clients ask us is why they need to continually create content. Here is why.

John Cleese of Monty Python fame, who also played the ghost of Nearly Headless Nick in the Harry Potter films, recently shared a story at Nudgestock that perfectly illustrates why you need to continually get your brand in front of people.

A psychologist gathered a group of people and showed them several Chinese ideograms, which are a type of pictographs that represent a word or number in learning the language.

The next week, the psychologist brought in the same group of people to show them another group of ideograms. Some of them were shown the previous week and they were asked to point out the ones they had already seen. Cleese said it basically came down to chance when they remembered the ideograms they had seen before. However, when the psychologist had tried the same experiment where instead of asking the ones they saw in the second week, he asked which ones they liked. The ones they liked turned out to be, nine times out of ten, the ideograms they saw the previous week.

This story from Cleese proves a theory that we proudly use and stress with our clients: the Mere Exposure Effect. In a nutshell, it shows that people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. In social psychology, this effect is sometimes called the familiarity principle. From there you would apply one of the natural laws of the business world Know, Like and Trust which states that people do business with those whom they know, like, and trust. Before you start growing your customer base, you have to understand that they first have to know you, then they have to like you, which will lead to them trusting you. Once you have gained that trust, you will have paying customers in no time. You can’t go from being obsolete to having a paying customer. You have to follow the path of growing the relationship. This starts with potential clients knowing who you are which is why you need to post more. Have them know you who are, is the first step to getting them to trust you. Once they trust your brand they will start to buy what you’re selling.

We know that posting daily on social media (or a blog) can be challenging to some, but it is necessary to stay top of mind with your audience. If you are finding it challenging to continually post and get your likeness out there in front of the eyes of your ideal audience, there are many ways we can help make it easier for you. Don’t hesitate to call us today. We would be happy to help you out and watch your brand grow and thrive.

If you have any questions about hosting give us a call at 226-250-0112 and we’ll be happy to help!

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