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No matter what type of business you have you know without customers – you have no business. How do you get those customers to remember your name, visit your website, or walk in your door? How can you make your business stand out when consumers today are bombarded with every level of marketing? The key is a good internet strategy. With the majority of consumers today spending time online you must not only understand how to increase your online traffic but you have to act on it!

What makes a good internet strategy? There are a wide range of options that can be utilized on their own or together to generate traffic. Here are a few to consider:


Web logs have become a powerful traffic generating tool; they allow your customer to develop a greater familiarity and connection with you and your business. Your blog creates a ‘face’ for your company and studies show consumers are more likely to do business with a company they feel they ‘know’ than on they feel is anonymous.


Video is a more recent tool in the online marketing toolbox but it is rapidly growing into one of the most powerful options because you can implement video marketing on your website, embedded into your blog posts, or on social media websites like Facebook or YouTube.


Newsletter can inform your customers of new initiatives, developments, and programs within your business in a succinct and direct manner. By offering an opt-in on your website you can use that information to build a database of actively interested consumers you can market to.

Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is a single web page that is used as a ‘landing’ site for interested consumers to learn more about your business and services and again offers an opt-in that can help you generate leads for direct and specifically targeted marketing which can lead to a dramatic increase in your ROI and profitability experienced through online marketing.

A good internet strategy can play a significant role in the success of your business, but you have to choose the options that work best for your customers and services.

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