Quoting from the YouTube channel description:

Intelligent Details, … introduces Luc Donckerwolke, Director of Design, and SangYup Lee, Head of Exterior Design. Filmed in the Bentley Mulsanne in New York. Intelligent Details focuses on what inspires Luc and SangYup in their roles as design leaders for Bentley Motors. The film highlights the fusion of luxury, performance and technology within the Bentley Mulsanne and reveals the manner in which Intelligent Details was filmed, assembled and edited using the in-car connectivity and entertainment platform.

The car is superb, and the men featured are in the tops of their field. The buzz that has surrounded the video regards the last minute or so of the film.

Very few brands can claim the loyalty that Apple and its products have. When a short film is released, for a major brand like Bentley, AND it was shot on an iPhone, people get a little crazy!

Those with the Apple brand loyalty promote the technology, and ignore the film-making process. Those in the film-making industry comment about the add-ons. I know when I first heard about the video, that it was shot entirely on iPhones, I never once considered the questions Why this is in black and white, not colour? What was the size of the film crew? Who was the creative team behind it? How many cinematographers, cameramen or gimble operators were required? Not even what budget must have been allotted to this?

When it comes to your business, make sure your substance is worthwhile. We can be sure Bentley knew what it was buying, and it wasn’t five guys and an iPhone. This was a professional film shot using the iPhone as a storage container. The technology of the “camera” on the iPhone is amazing. There is no question about that.

Even with that technology, the filmmaker still required many modifications and additional equipment with a budget that may have ranged over $100K.

This isn’t a criticism of the equipment used. In the end, a professional Director of Photography can make any tool work. The editors may have had a challenge working in the back of the car using iPads, but that would be no more amazing had they been working on free Wi-Fi in a local Tim Horton’s or Second Cup.

It boils down to this: Content is ALWAYS more important than equipment.

What were your first impressions of the Intelligent Design video?

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