Blogging may seem like a small aspect of running a website, but it’s one of the best ways to draw traffic to your business and connect to customers. With so many people looking for products online, blogging is an effective tool for reaching your audience and bringing attention to your business and brand. Whether your business is completely online or includes a physical store, you can benefit greatly by adding blogging to your daily work activities. Smashing Pixels can help your business with blogging and explain the many benefits and why it is essential for your business in 2023.

1. Shows customers who you are

Websites can show off your business and brand to your target audience, but only in a professional and formal way. With blogs, you can showcase a more personal side of yourself and your business. Customers look for brands that they can trust, and building a personal connection through blogings is a great way of earning that trust. Earning the trust of your customers through blogging can help your business stand out from the competition, and make customers choose you over them.

2. Teaches readers about your brand

Blogs can earn the trust of your current customers, but can also attract new ones. Customers can find your business through your blog, so be sure to make the blogs informative about what your brand is, what your brand stands for and how to reach your business. End every blog with a call to action providing your business information and how customers can reach you. Always include a direct link to your website to draw more traffic to it. Blogs give you the chance to reach out to a larger audience, so don’t let the opportunity to showcase your business go to waste.

3. Shows off your knowledge

Blogs also give you the opportunity to showcase your expertise on the product you’re selling. Part of earning a customer’s trust is not just getting them to like you, but showing that you’re an expert on a certain subject. You can also show your knowledge by interacting with customers and responding to questions. If someone posts a question on your blog, be sure to answer it. By helping the customer, you can further demonstrate your expertise and continue to build reliability and trust in your brand.

4. Blogging Helps Generate Your SEO

Ranking high on Google search results is an essential step in giving your business as much exposure as possible. This process requires making proper use of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). The best way to utilize SEO is to place key words and key phrases within the texts of your website. However, it is important that those words and phrases look natural and are not overstuffed. Otherwise Google may read your site as spam and disregard it. Blogging allows you to naturally place keywords and phrases while talking about your business. It gives your website a great deal of content and many opportunities for Google to pick up on for search results.

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5. Helps build an email list

Along with providing your contact information on each blog post, offer a newsletter or email list for the reader to subscribe to. If your blogs get enough attention, you can build a substantial email list of potential customers over time. People will usually not respond to email newsletters if they know nothing about the business. By earning the reader’s attention and trust through your blog posts, they will become much more responsive to emails from your business.

If used properly, a blog can be a substantial asset to your website and business. Blog content can earn trust from customers while reaching new ones. Blogs can take advantage of SEO and help you build an email list. If you are running or starting a business in 2023, blogging is crucial to success.

If you’re struggling to keep up with blog posting and writing for your business, Smashing Pixels can be your next blog partner. We have the experience and skills to optimize your site with worthwhile content.

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