Results mean money

Have you ever wondered where your business results come from?

In business, results mean money. So ask yourself:

Am I making money on what I am doing right now? Did a dollar come in from this activity? How much time are you spending on non-productive activities?

A good audit to do on your business is to pick an average day in your work schedule and every 15 minutes write down what it is you are doing. Whether you are going to the bathroom, or on a client call or on facebook, or finishing a task you need to write it down. Whatever it is, write it down

Then look over your list. Is your day filled with productivity, or are you looking at how much time is being wasted. Could you be doing a lot more for your time to help reach your goals?

You should always look to audit your activities.

Your 20% activities that bring you 80% of your results will change day to day, but you have to be aware of them and look for them.

I have put together these 7 productive activities you should be doing for your business. Activities that your 20% come from. So you could say they are TOP PRIORITY that have a clear path to income.

1 – Anything that you can determine or influence the outcome in. If your involvement does not change the out come then I ask yourself “why am I involved”.

2 – Top dollar activities that have a clear path to income. This means that you can see by doing the activity will result in dollars.

3 – Content creation. This is important for building a brand and authority. You don’t want to completely outsource because you control the outcome.

4 – Strategy is very much something you want to be involved with and key to staying on your path to success.

5 – Quality of your business and service. We pride ourselves in over delivering so when we work on service and quality, it is a great use of our time.

6 – Cost Reduction. This is not a daily activity but you need to be involved. If you can reduce expenses and save money it is a good thing.

I am a dad of 6 kids and money is sometimes tight so we have to always have our finger on the pulse.

7 – Marketing / Selling / Negotiating. These activities can greatly influence the outcome and are high dollar activities. You need to continuously get yourselves in front of new potential clients and opportunities.

If you are doing anything else in your work schedule you need to stop to ask yourself.

How does this fit into my goals? Is what I am doing right now getting me a step closer, or am I just busy?

The reason you need to audit your schedule is because you want to avoid hitting a plateau and never growing.

Business may take a dip here and there but should always even out. The reason most businesses hit the plateau is the person driving the business spends the vast majority of time keeping the business running rather than working on lead generation and getting new clients…..(things that would grow their business).

They work in the business rather than on the business.

What happens is they get work, and then they get so busy fulfilling the work that they have no time to grow the business. Then when the work is complete they realize that they have no clients so they go out to get more clients. This becomes a roller coaster affect. This is what you most want to avoid.

So do yourself a favour and conduct a business audit. Be honest with the results and then ask yourself “Is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to my goals?”.

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