A few months ago at Mesh11 I had the awesome pleasure of running into Joe Fernandez, CEO and Co-Founder of Klout, and spent some time chatting with him.

It was just days after they changed how Klout scored your online influence. Earlier that day, he had taken a beating while he was interviewed on stage. Both the interviewer and the attendees were engaging him negatively about the changes that had been made to Klout. However, he explained to the crowd that his own Klout score was not much higher than a lot of people in the room. That left a very positive impression on me as I watched him handle the negativity by showing how the new method of keeping score had affected his own online standing.
Despite the barrage of negativity hurled at the Klout CEO during his interview, he still managed to be very jovial as the two of us discussed the social media industry. After about 10 minutes of discussion I couldn’t help but ask him about what had happened on stage. It was then that he made a comment that I will not soon forget:

“Don’t get too hung up on your Klout score – it’s meant to be fun.”

Much like social media becoming a fun way to communicate, Klout has become a fun way to see how you are communicating through social media.

Speaking of fun, I came across this great infographic on Klout. Who knows where they are headed, but this infographic will show you how they got here.