Twitter Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When we think of Search Engine Optimization, most of us think about our website and how to get ranked on the 1st page of Google. But how many of us are thinking about optimizing our tweets? Social Media is becoming more important not just in our day to day lifestyles, but in how it influences PageRank for both Google and Bing.

Who are you? SEO really wants to know!

In your Twitter profile, your bio is actually the meta description of your Twitter Page. This makes it an important aspect of SEO on your Twitter profile.

Make sure you’re including relevant keywords here that relate to the general content of your tweets, as well as your website. We sometimes overlook this, and put in funny cute descriptions of what we do and who we are instead of keyword optimization. So check out your profile bio and consider the above when crafting your next update.

Using for more than link shortening on Twitter

We have all used to shorten our links within our tweets. But did you know that it is also incredibly important in terms of SEO? URL shortening services such as use permanent 301 redirects to your content. That means your original URL benefits from the SEO juice, and not just the tiny URL itself. (In other words, when someone clicks on the link, your web still gets the SEO credit.)

Use keywords early in tweets

In an individual tweet, the first 27-40 characters count as the title tag within a Google search result.  Include your desired keywords early on in your tweet as it will help it rank higher in searches – this is what will be indexed by Google. Keep these keywords relevant to the rest of the tweet and any URL you include.

Naming your Twitter profile picture


This is a great little SEO tip to start using. Before uploading your Twitter profile picture, make sure to name it with a relevant keyword that relates to your Twitter profile. When naming your picture, be sure to use hyphens in between words in the file name and not spaces. The image file name is contained within the link when you click to expand, so avoid just using the file number (as shown in the example above). To see who is following this rule, simply hover over their profile image in Twitter, BUT, be sure to check yours first.

These are just a few things you can do to improve your Twitter SEO.

Improving your Twitter SEO will help you get noticed in today’s competitive business market, and help you strengthen the number of connections that you get from using Twitter.

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