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A Better Solution in a Congested Marketplace

Like you, we are always on the hunt for creative new ways to bring in more business. We have gone the traditional marketing route, however, once our campaign ends then our reach ends. We have also turned to social media in hopes of “going viral”, but with so many companies fighting for attention it often ends up being a big sink hole that produces little to no real results.

At Smashing Pixels we have found a better solution to get you more business:
Update your current website and enhance the digital reach you already have.

Make Your Existing Website Work Better

Website Health Check – We assess key areas of your site such as design, keywords, usability, structure and other more technical aspects to find out why you are not getting the results from your website you had hoped for. We then create a digital strategy with a decisive action plans that will give you a clear idea of what we will do to ensure your site performs how it should.

Website Optimization – Website optimization goes hand in hand with search engine optimization and  is a must-have for every website. SEO helps people find you when they search Google or other search engines. When it comes to SEO, there are general tactics and local tactics. We will do an SEO audit to show you how we can help you rank higher on Google.

"Our phone continuously rings since starting SEO with Smashing Pixels. We have already booked 4 big jobs for this year and are still quoting and following up on leads!"

Lori Welch, Owner, Rideout Contracting

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