You’ve passed the point of mastering the basics and have established a solid presence  on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve provided promotions for your online audience, and  have listened to the comments and suggestions people have made about your business.  But without changing your business model to suit the demands of your online  consumers, how do you prove to them you are listening?

Lisa Middleton, and her team at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, have built an online  presence that is one of the strongest in the arts community in Canada. The team uses a  simple Fan of the Week promotion to show their followers how much they appreciate  their views, reviews, and photos from their Festival experience.

“We recognize them on our (Facebook) wall and in our About section for the following  week. They don’t receive anything other than just the pure recognition. We just  really want them to know that we’re reading; we’re listening to what they have to say and that we’re interested.”

Not every business, even ones with a strong online presence, will see that promotion as something that would fit for them. But there are fundamentals of what Middleton is doing that are universal:

  1. Calling for submissions.
  2. Having a thoughtful way to recognize the experiences that have been shared.
  3. Giving recognition to someone who has posted something valuable for your organization.

All of these fundamentals can be incorporated into your online business model, helping you prove to your customers that you are listening to the content that they are providing you with online.

Want to hear more from Lisa Middleton? Check out her presentation from Tweetstock 6 at – Online Recognition Pays Off

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