Traditional business owners would cringe to hear someone say that they run their  business with 6 people across 3 cities in 2 provinces and NO walk-in traffic. But  that is exactly what Jeff MacArthur has done with his team at MGI Media.

“We’ve gotten to a point with online infrastructure that there’s not many barriers  to doing what we do remotely.”

The need for the open office walk-in to view products and services available to the  commercial consumer has since been replaced with websites, online portfolios,  and social media testimonials. The power of the new online community, through website and social media integration, has allowed media companies to securely send their products to clients on the internet.  The day-to-day business of handshakes and board room meetings are quickly being replaced by webcams and Skype.

“These are the things that have helped us to maintain the kind of low overhead that you need to to have a small business that will grow.”

Keeping costs low has been a key to growing a small business. The evolution of online tools, both for day-to-day operations and to reach out to potential and current customers, has created new opportunities for keeping costs under control in a difficult business climate.

No matter what stage of growth your company is currently at, it is very important to evaluate the cost efficiencies that online tools can provide. For companies like MGI Media, utilizing the benefits of online tools has allowed them to grow their business in to one of the strongest in their industry.

To hear more from Jeff MacArthur of MGI Media, check out his talk from Tweetstock 6.

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