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Paul Divito reached out to Smashing Pixels to help with his SEO. His website was showing up for Handcrafted Furniture searches but not for Brantford Kitchen Renovation searches. Having spent more than two decades designing, renovating and remodelling kitchens in the Brantford area, the site deserved to be on Page 1 of Google.

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The solution

In order to rank the site we needed Google to realize that they offered more than Handcrafted Furniture but that they offered Handcrafted Kitchens to.

Step 1 – We talked more about kitchens on the website. It’s common to think that Google knows everything about your company but unless you spell it out to them they don’t.

Step 2 – We added pages showcasing the services they provide including kitchen renovating, kitchen cabinets and kitchen remodelling.

Step 3 – Optimize each page and resubmit to Google on a regular basis.

It has been 4 months but as of Jan 29, 2019,  Handcrafted Wood Furniture and kitchens is now showing up on Page 2 for the following searches

– Brantford Kitchen Renovations –

– Kitchen Renovation Companies in Brantford –

– Kitchen Remodelling Companies in Brantford –

– Kitchen Design Companies in Brantford –

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