Royal Machine Solutions Folder & Inserts

Having completed the Royal Machine Solutions (RMS) website, their team came to us looking for a unique presentation folder idea for their potential clients.

The Smashing Pixels creative team put together a unique folder, with stark black and white images and foil embossed red text on the cover. The presentation speaks to RMS's motto of A New Age of Millwrighting for a New Age of Industry.

The Inserts

Inside the RMS presentation folder are several elements.

First is a letter addressed to the recipient. Attached to this letter is a gift card for a free coffee - we suggested that RMS thank their potential clients buy offering to buy them a coffee while they read the folder. This provides a memorable experience for the recipient when the RMS team follows up.

In addition to the letter the folder includes an information sheet detailing some projects that Royal Machine Solutions has created, a rate sheet, and a pad of branded RMS grid paper the recipient can use.

This memorable marketing package has created great opportunities for Royal Machine Solutions and helps to introduce them to potential new clients in a positive, impactful manner.

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