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Why you need a #SocialStrategy

Initially, social media platforms were built to bring people closer together. As their popularity grew, businesses saw the opportunity to get closer to their target markets. This trend has been rising steadily over the past decade to the level that if your business is not on social media, you’re missing out on the huge opportunity to reach a more targeted audience and build a loyal following of customers.
Consider these reasons why your online success depends on social media.

  • Over 70% of adult online users are active in social networks
  • Facebook, the leading social media platform, has close to 1.5 billion active users
  • Social media provides the opportunity to get up close and personal with your target market
  • Besides connecting with others, internet users are using social media to make purchasing decisions

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Content Generation is Hard

We read and analyze the data… and follow it to your target.

Putting up content for your personal page vs your business page takes two very different strategies. You need a partner that invests their thinking time in your campaign. That’s where we come in. Smashing Pixels becomes an extension of your business. This is not a Zero Sum Game. We believe that the best strategy is to weave our messaging and your messaging together. Let’s face it, we know our business but we don’t know every nuance of your business.

That is where working together as a team really pays off. We develop the content creation at the core of your SMM campaign. We read and analyze the data … and follow it to your target.

Your content must be brief, engaging, and targeted. Generate and publish content regularly to ensure that you remain relevant to your target audience. Publishing must be timed to increase chances that it will reach your target audience in time. In short, content generation for SMM is hard, but together we will conquer it.

Why using SM to connect with your clients is #AWESOME

Your clients will probably visit your website when they need your product or service. Even then, they might have the attitude that it’s strictly business. Once the transaction is done, your business is off their mind until they want your product or service again.

Social Media is the link that provides the opportunity to interact with your clients in a less business-like way. It opens the door for communication that makes your company approachable and trustworthy. It might even bring in a referral or two.

If you want to stay top of mind and relevant to your customers, you need Social Media.

How we use SM to drive customers back to your website

Our SM service focuses on building a following for your business, enhancing your online brand, and driving potential customers to your website. Some of the strategies we use to drive traffic include the following:

  1. Generate and publish engaging content
  2. Connect with influencers
  3. Announce what’s new in your business
  4. Announce a sale
  5. Create exclusive offers and incentives for your social media followers
  6. Hold contests
  7. Run an online ad

Expand your market reach

Besides building a following on your business social accounts, we also focus on expanding your market reach by leveraging existing followers. The goal is to have your current followers endorse and promote your business to their social connections. We do this by ensuring that every piece of content published is unique, engaging, and has the chance to go viral.

Build Social Brand Awareness

Social Media is one of the best ways to build an online brand. It’s an easy way for your business to build a loyal following of customers based on trust. However, as already mentioned, building an online brand isn’t as easy. It requires engaging your clients frequently without being pushy. It involves providing real value to your clients on social media. Some of the strategies employed by our team include:

  • Generate content that’s relevant to your target audience
  • Provide timely feedback to customer queries on your social media account

“Smashing Pixels not only created a brand new look for our website which is mobile friendly and easy to navigate, but they also ran a Facebook contest on our behalf. Incorporating photos of our Conductor wearing various glasses from an eye wear sponsor, we asked our audience which pair of glasses looked the best, for a chance to win free concert tickets. The contest drew a lot of attention and we were thrilled at how Smashing Pixels took care of all the details – including posting game rules, tracking results and coordinating with the winner. They are quick, creative and thorough. Thank you, Smashing Pixels for a great job!”

Aida Steenkist

Brantford Symphony Orchestra

Social Media Platforms We Manage

We offer SM services for a broad range of social media platforms. However, we only focus on the platforms that have the highest number of users and have the potential of bringing good ROI on each of your SMM campaigns. We match your business with the desired platform. Our area of expertise lies in the following platforms:

Online Advertising

Advertising on SM is the best opportunity to reach an audience that’s targeted to your exact needs. Before we start to advertise, our team will first understand your perfect customer, then target them directly. From our experience, advertising on Facebook provides the best ROI. Besides being the largest social network, Facebook advertising provides a great opportunity to narrow down your target market to an individual person. This way, you can be sure that your ads are only viewed by the people you want to view them.

Smashing Pixels Facebook advertising services will get your marketing message to the right audience. We will help your business create, plan, and execute a Facebook advertising campaign that reaches your target market and maximizes your ROI.

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