A great infomercial for a small business has to be short, concise and give just enough information that leaves the customer wanting more. A small business, especially in the digital age today, thrives on response from posts on social media. A good infomercial can be a short reel on Instagram or a 30 second video on Facebook. It can get the message across and turn viewers into customers.

This blog will go through tips that will guide a business in shooting a great infomercial for a small business. There are many benefits that can come from showcasing a great infomercial to potential customers. We will lay out some facts and answer some key questions that will help give the full picture of what it takes for a small business to shoot a great infomercial.

1. What are common goals for an infomercial for a small business?

There are several common goals that are made for a small business infomercial. The main goals that a small business should have for an infomercial include:

  • Solid Branding – showcase your mission statement and brand identity
  • Simplicity – grab your audience’s attention within 30-60 seconds telling them about your brand and encourage them to act.
  • Be consistent with your professionalism
  • Add visual cues throughout commercial
  • Find creative ways to make your infomercial stand out from the competition

2. There are several ways to make your infomercial effective, including:

There are several ways to make your infomercial effective, including:

  • Make the first few seconds grab the viewers’ attention
  • Highlight what makes your brand stand out
  • Keep the length of the video short and concise
  • Be sure to tell the viewers why they should choose your brand
  • Encourage customers to act by the end of the infomercial

3. Where do I start when shooting an infomercial for my small business?

When shooting an infomercial for a small business, you need to start with determining what to promote in the infomercial. From there, make a storyboard and script for the video. Ensure that you know what platform you’re going to post the video on and use the opening seconds to hook the viewers.

4. How to produce a great infomercial on a small budget?

If you are working with a small budget, start by deciding what kind of commercial you want to make. The straight pitch, voice-over pitch, testimonial and story are the four most common types of infomercials. Write a script, cast your commercial, scout locations and collect costumes and props if needed before shooting the video.

After shooting the video, edit it by trimming it to the length needed to get your message across and put the shots in the best order for your infomercial. Adding titles, narration and music as required does not eat away at your wallet. Lastly, your test the commercial with trusted friends who will tell you in you need any improvements.

5. What are some ​​do’s and don’ts of infomercials

Like any decision in business, there are always things you should and shouldn’t do. Infomercials are no different. While you do want to focus on one strong benefit, you don’t want to insult your audience’s intelligence. Keep the focus on your own good qualities when promoting your products and services, but don’t be annoying and know your audience. You need to make sure that your audience is engaged within the first seconds and is not too long where the viewers will lose interest.

Infomercials can be the lifeblood of increasing sales for a small business. Having infomercials that include a strong message that engages viewers enough to turn them into customers who purchase services and products. Here are some extra facts and tips:


1. It is important to have a clear and concise script for your infomercial. This will ensure that your message is communicated effectively to your target audience.
2. It is also important to have a professional voice-over for your infomercial. This will give your infomercial a polished and professional look.
3. Make sure to use high-quality video and audio equipment to produce your infomercial. This will ensure that your infomercial looks and sounds its best.
4. It is important to edit your infomercial carefully. This will ensure that your infomercial is concise and to the point.
5. It is also important to market your infomercial effectively. This will ensure that your infomercial reaches your target audience.

6. You can market your infomercial online, through social media, or through traditional means such as television or radio

Shooting a great infomercial for a small business is crucial when trying to increase brand awareness and the target audience. Ensuring that you have a full-fledged plan for your infomercial is crucial, regardless of budget. This blog laid out tips that any small business can follow to produce a great infomercial.

Using video marketing through infomercials is something that can help a struggling small business rise from the ashes. This blog displayed tips that will help produce a great infomercial on a budget. If you are struggling with producing great infomercials, contact Smashing Pixels. We have the tools and expertise to guide you and help produce great infomercials for the products and services with your brand’s message. Contact the team at Smashing Pixels today.

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