Smashing Pixels is once again proud to be the presenting sponsor of an all new exciting event:

Tweetstock Goes Back To School! #TweetstockHIGH

Tweetstock is going back to school!

The guys have created an all-new event that will take the Tweetstock franchise back to its roots and will take you from ZERO to SOCIAL in just one day!

What is a Tweetstock?

Tweetstock has become the South by SouthWestern Ontario, must-attend Social Media Rock Conference event known around the world as the home of #AWESOME. Yup, that’s right AWESOME with a Twitter # thingy infront of it!

We’ve helped hundreds of people, businesses, not-for-profits and charities successfully make the move online.

We’re clearly not modest, but we get the job done and we do it with a lot of fun and a lot of style.


Why did we create an all new event?

Many of our recent attendees have said that they wished they could have been there at the beginning with us, all the way back to Tweetstock #1. That way they could have learned and grown their skills along with the original “graduating class” of Tweetstockers.

So we got to thinking… if we could go back and start over, how would we do it differently?

How would we introduce Social Media and Social Business to a new generation of Tweetstockers?

How would we make an event that leverages everything we’ve learned but that also takes us back to our roots?

Well we’ve done it and we’re calling it Tweetstock goes Back to School!

School starts: November 20th, 2012 in Brantford Ontario!


Event Information

If social media has become a part of your daily life, or you know that it’s time for you to embrace social media into your business, then you will not want to miss our all new Tweetstock Event: Tweetstock goes Back to School, coming to the The Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn and Conference Centre  on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012.

“Where and how do I get started with Social Media?” and “how do I use this stuff to actually grow my business” are the two questions we get asked the most. The answers are all at Tweetstock! It’s a “learn how to get’er done and have some fun” kinda Social Media conference!

At Tweetstock we don’t do sales pitches and we don’t do highfalutin strategic mumbo-jumbo either. We deliver the real goods on how to actually start and grow your business online, regardless of what “business” means to you, and we do it all in style.


The Tweetstock Goes Back To School Timetable

TS Back to School Schedule


Meet your Un-Principal: Scott Stratten

Scott StrattenTweetstock Goes Back to School  is a phenomenal opportunity for you to meet and network with over 200+ business owners and top-level employees and hear from one of North America’s top 10 Marketing Guru’s Scott Stratten.  Stratten, author of UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging will be on his promotional tour for his new book, The Book of Business Awesome : How Engaging Your Customers and Employees can Make Your Business Thrive. Stratten is one of the top influencers on Twitter and a pro at making client videos “go viral”.

His first book UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging became a national best-seller before it was released, and recently a Globe and Mail #1 Business best-seller, National Post, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Amazon UK best-seller. It was also just named one of the top business books of the year by 1-800-CEO READ and one of the top 10 books of 2010 by Under30CEO.com

His passion comes out most when speaking on stage, preaching engagement and becoming one of the most sought-out speakers on the subject.

One of the most entertaining, knowledgeable and captivating public speakers I have ever seen!” – Rick Calvert, CEM, CEO & Co-Founder – BlogWorld & New Media Expo

One person even told me he stayed up all night after Scott’s talk to rethink his entire approach to marketing his business. He was that inspired when he left.” – Sloane Kelley, Co-Founder, GeekEnd

One of the most powerful, entertaining and knowledgeable speakers that I’ve ever had the opportunity to hear speak” – Justin Levy, Director of Marketing, Business Development & Corporate Strategy, New Marketing Labs

One of the best speakers I have ever seen!” – Paula Attfield, Vice-President – Stephen Thomas

It was an amazing and unique presentation that I feel fortunate to have seen.” – Brett Tabke, Co-Founder – PubCon

His presentation absolutely blew everyones socks off!” – Chris Burdge, Co-Founder of Social Media Camp

Yeah, he’s alright… I guess… but who really wants all the hassles of having all those happy customers, crazy business growth, money and fame come your way from simply listening to him, reading his book and following his advice?” – Kevin A Magee – Tweetsock’s Biggest Fan


An All-Starter and Doer’s Rock Star Faculty of Speakers

Paul Tobey – Mastering Social SEO

Troy Claus – Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed in an Increasingly Noisy Marketplace

Chris “eh” Young – It’s a Numbers Thing!

Jason Dykstra – Conflict and Social Media – What to do when sh#t hits the fan.

Lisa McDonald – How to create #AWESOME events online.

Robert Lavigne – Putting your Social Media Strategy to work

Jamie Stephens – Creating BUZZ with Facebook

Hugo Rodrigues – How to Blog

Kevin Magee – Social Media and Not-for-Profits

With more faculty announcements still to come!


The Deets

Tweetstock Goes Back to School will take place Tuesday, Nov 20th from 9:00am – 4:30pm Best Western Plus. Advanced Tickets start at $59 each, and can also be purchased at the BRC, 1 Market Square, Suite #201.


What you’ll get!

  1. An awesome Tweetstock student card and year book!
  2. A free lunch at the Tweetstock High Cafeteria
  3. A free text book – The Book of Business Awesome written by Principal Scott Stratten
  4. A chance to network with 199 other Tweetstockers who are starer’s and doer’s like you!
  5. Help from the Tweetstock High Coaches with any Social Media question you may have.
  6. Free WiFi so bring your laptop, notebook, tablet and smart phone!
  7. Free coffee. Cause coffee fuels awesome!
  8. A chance to meet Brantford’s own 80s teen heart throbs Jody Matheson and Trevor Cherewka
  9. Free Parking. Can’t get that in Toronto!
  10. An invitation to the Cool Kids After Party!


 And Remember…

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”
– Ferris Bueller