Many companies incorporate a Facebook page to help boost their online presence.  Setting up a page is simple, and it’s easy for employees to promote the page by inviting  their Facebook friends to ‘like’ the page.

But after several days, weeks, and months, many pages find themselves with no new  traffic, despite a significant investment of time in populating the page with interesting  and influential content. The page itself has failed to breach the inner circle of people  originally invited to check it out.

So how do you drive traffic back to your Facebook page? Have a contest? Use an e-mail  blast? Promote it on your website more? Chris Farias, who is an imaginitarian and  partner at Kitestring, suggests that Facebook itself may be the solution.

“I like the ads where you click and they have ‘Like us on our page’, so I’ll go check it out  and see what they’re doing.”

It’s an interesting concept: using social media to drive your presence on social media.  You already know the person uses Facebook, so why not target them directly? Plus, if you have populated your page with valuable and informative content about your business, this type of ad could be what gets your content seen. In addition to that, Facebook is an affordable source of advertising when targeted and messaged properly.

If you have committed to using a Facebook page to help create a new customer base, consider using a Facebook ad to drive people to your page. Start with a reasonable amount of money, and use your analytics to track your progress. It is a small investment that could lead to big results.

Chris Farias, Shaminda Attygalle, Leanne Newman and Laura Berg shared their experiences  on the Building Buzz panel at Tweetstock 6. To view the entire panel discussion, visit: Building Buzz Panel

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