Using video gets strong results.

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What can we do for you?

Good corporate video production can be the key to your online business success. Reaching out to customers through video adds a level of expertise, expectation and experience through visual media. The quality of your production should represent the quality of your company.
Whether you want to showcase a new product, record an event, use for training, or share a client testimonial, video is the tool that can help tell your story and bring attention to your brand.

Whatever message you want to tell, using video gets you strong results.

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Corporate Video

Gain a competitive advantage with the use of video.

If you are looking to get a competitive advantage over your competition, then video is exactly what you need. Not only will video help with your website SEO, but visitors to your site are more likely to stick around. Video on your website helps increase conversion rates by a whopping 86%.

Smashing Pixels offers a variety of video services to clients including:

Introduction Video – A simple meet and greet to bring viewers into your shop, office or worksite via a visual format.
Video Testimonies – Wordy testimonials don’t always convey the sincere appreciation your clients really feel. Let your potential clients experience how truly happy your satisfied customers really are.

Training Videos – Training videos can allow you to ensure the same effective training is being rolled out to clients or staff each and every time. Be sure that the same important, consistent message is delivered through a top, quality-produced video training session.

Event Videos – Capture the excitement of your event through video and show your potential clients what they will miss if they don’t attend your next event.

Tutorial Videos – A certain Swedish furniture company only gives instructions through illustrations. Using video adds a greater dimension to your instructions.

Highlight Reels – Make sure your clients see the best of your best by offering a highlight reel of events or products. A vibrant array of highlights can touch on your key messages, encouraging your viewers to dig deeper into your website content.

Animation – While typically more expensive than traditional video, animation can bring life to elements of your business that exceed imagination. Use animation to bring life to simple graphics or logos, or add a fully-animated features to your video product line.
Smashing Pixels will work with you to develop the right concept at the right price that gives you the edge over your competition.

Brand Building with Video

The ability to convey your personality and brand to the public has never been more imperative than it is today. With the explosion of video viewing at an all-time high, corporations and brands have never before had the luxury of being invited into homes of potential clients like they do today.

With over a billion videos being viewed each day, you need to get your message in front of the people who need to see it. Our creative team will work with you to develop, script and produce the video message that is right for you. Through story-rich, budget-wise video, our goal is to amplify your brand and message to its full potential.

Videographer as Storyteller

We love to tell stories. In fact, we use story to build your brand. Video is the only medium that allows us to use multi-sensory triggers to pull your audience in. Our team of visual storytellers can bring your ideas to life on screen and determine the best way to tell your story through visuals and scripts that work.

Website Videos

Bring quick attention to important parts of your website messaging through website video. When customers visit your website, show them what you have to offer with compelling video.