Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends is always something you should try to prioritize. I mean, it’s always nice to stay on top of your game. One area that you should definitely stay ahead of is web design— there are many trends emerging for 2023 and you want to stay on top of these trends. Below are some helpful tips on how to stay on top of web design trends for 2023.

1. Making Your Website More Accessible

No one likes to do a lot of work when needing to make a purchase from a website. Making your website more accessible through headings that structure your navigation for an easier visit for potential customers is something that you may want to look into doing. To keep up with the trends, optimizing your website for voice command and voice search will add a sense of convenience to visitors.

2. Chatbots

Ever go on a website and wish that you could chat with someone to answer your questions at any given moment? This is where chatbots come in handy. Having an FAQ page is always nice, but with consumers being more tech savvy, chatbots will help provide speedy engagement and increase conversion rate for purchases.

3. Color Gradients

Minimalism has been coming back for a while now, and people have started to leave the black and white palette behind. Designers in 2023 will definitely value colors in every shape and form, meaning gradients will be fairly important when thinking about what design choices to make moving forward. The trend of using more colors is mainly because more companies want to incorporate more graphic storytelling elements. Using color gradients can help you make subtle changes to user behavior and persuade customers of new products.

4. Interactive Elements

The main reason to have a website is to engage visitors to stay and look around, right? This can be done in 2023 by having more interactive elements throughout the whole of your site. This can be achieved through micro-animations that will guide the eyes of your visitors to critical information or taking the next step towards purchasing a product or service. Dynamic scrolling allows you to take your visitors on a journey as they scroll through your website. Video backgrounds are another way to bring your website to life. We know that both videos and dynamic scrolling can be heavy when it comes to bandwidth, so you’ll want to find a healthy balance between being able to load fast as well as be engaging to visitors.

If you want to be at the forefront of web trends in 2023, call us now. Our professional team is always learning about what’s happening in the world of design and new techniques so that we can support your business’ online presence.

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