What Are SEO Backlinks And What Are The Best Strategies In Getting Them

One of the most effective ways of driving high-quality traffic toward a website is by implementing search engine optimization (SEO). This strategy continues to be effective by the simple fact that search engines encourage website owners to optimize their websites. A very important aspect of SEO is the process of building backlinks, which spurs the question, What are SEO backlinks and how are you supposed to build them?

In the simplest terms, a backlink is a link within a website that leads to another website. For example, if an article on the New York Times website has a link that points to a news article on the Toronto Star, then it’s called a backlink.

The Importance Of Backlinks

Major search engines like Google and Bing make use of an algorithm that takes into account the number and quality of links that point to a particular website. These are one of the several factors used in determining how high a website should rank in the search results. Generally speaking, the more high-quality links a website gets, the higher it will rank in the search engines. Needless to say, you have to build backlinks if you want people to find your website when they search on Google or Bing. Building links can take some time but it’s totally worth it.

5 Effective Strategies In Building Backlinks

  1. Write and create content that people will likely share. This is by far the best way to generate high-quality links. The simple fact that other website owners are linking to your content because they want other people to read it creates backlinks. Have you ever come across an article that was so good that you had the irresistible urge to share it with others? This is the emotional rationale behind creating valuable content that has the potential of going viral online.
  2. Write guest posts for other sites. Contact the owners of websites or blogs that are in the same niche as yours. Ask them if they accept guest posts. Many, if not most, website publishers are constantly on the lookout for new content for their sites. Don’t forget to drop a link back to your website in the body copy or in the author bio of your guest post.
  3. Create valuable infographics. Everybody loves well-made infographics. If you review the types of content that regularly goes viral online, a lot of it is infographics. There are many tools and resources online that can make it easy for you to create your own infographics at very low costs.
  4. Be active on social media sites. There are literally millions of people logging onto social sites like Facebook and Twitter every hour. If you are active in these sites, you should regularly share links to your best content. Other webmasters and bloggers who come across your links might eventually link back to your site if they like your content.
  5. Write sponsored posts. This is similar to guest posts, with a significant difference. When you sponsor a post, you pay another website to publish your article with a link back to your website. It’s a great strategy if you have the budget for it.

Having said all that, an important aspect to keep in mind regarding backlinks is the focus on quality over quantity. The better the backlink, the fewer that are needed.

We hope this article helped answer the question, What are SEO backlinks?

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