2023 is just around the corner. Before the time comes, it’s important that you make sure your website has a few things. Take a look at these five essential elements below, when going over your website to give it the best look for going into 2023.

1. Upgrade Your Navigation

You want users to stay on your website, right? Upgrade your navigation to give visitors a seamless experience that will not lead them to other sites for information that can be found on yours. Create customized user flows that encourage both repeat and first-time visitors to extend their stay on your website regardless of how literate they are in websites.

2. Invest In Carousels

Investing in carousels brings excitement to your homepage. It is an essential website element in 2023. These sliding banners can display your recent sales or your most viewed item of service, giving your visitors an easy form of engagement. Think of the large banners that scroll across the top of the Netflix homepage showing the most popular movies and series. These will keep visitors on your website as they will want to engage with your homepage to see where else the carousel will take them. It’s like a fun ride you never want to get off.

3. Reduce Friction

An essential website element is reducing friction. Nobody likes friction, right? It can happen even on websites. A way of reducing friction is by making the road to making a purchase with the least number of roadblocks possible. Don’t distract your potential customers with content that is too long or flashy animations. Simplify the process of making a purchase without risking visitors abandoning your website. Purchasing is the end goal, isn’t it? The less work the customer has to do, the more likely they are to complete the purchase and come back to repeat the process.

4. White Space

Want to know how to keep balance and harmony throughout your website? Use white space to your advantage. This can be done by making borders wider to highlight the information presented on the page, making it seem easier to approach. It will make your website seem less cluttered and give it a more clean look which is essential in 2023.

5. CTA (Call To Action)

Have Call-to-Action buttons on your website? Look over the wording used on them. The easiest way to entice visitors to use them is to start the wording with a verb. For example, ‘Subscribe to Our Blog,’ or ‘Download our Ebook.’ You want to use these buttons to encourage visitors on what to do when they’ve finished exploring your website. Use a sense of urgency without being too pushy. You can use these buttons for many things. They can evoke curiosity, offer a rapid solution to a problem, or retain and attract customers by offering freebies or rewards.

To ensure that your website is ready for 2023, Smashing Pixels can help you tackle each of these essential website elements and make sure your site is fully prepared. Contact us today to see how we can bring your website into the new year.

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