Ok. So Google does know you exist. Let’s face it, they can load your page if your client types in your name. But how can you show up in an organic search for people looking for your services? The answer is simple.

Help Google help you.

Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire where Jerry (Tom Cruise) is convincing his only client Ron (Cuba Gooding Jr) to stay under his representation? Jerry tells Ron he needs his help in order for him to survive. (I love this scene!)

Now think of Jerry Maguire as Google, and think of your company as Ron. In order for Google to help you, you have to help them first. Let’s face it, the days are long gone when your website + your Facebook + a few retweets of your offers was all it took to get ahead in the game. Now you have competition.

Meet the Competition for 2014

Each month, over 250,000 new listings to Google are claimed. The implications for you taking an online bite in this are tremendous.

Online ad spending is now running closer to ONE BILLION dollars per month. Numbers that used to be driven by major corporations are now seeing smaller businesses levelling the playing field.

Your direct competition is aggressively trying to connect with YOUR clients. You NEED your clients to survive. You need to be found.

Ask yourself, how will I stand out from my competition amidst the chaos of this online battle?

The answer? Make sure clients find YOU online before they find the competition.

When strategizing for 2014, consider putting together a local SEO plan that helps Google better understand what your company does and who your perfect client is. Google’s goal is to get people from their search engine and onto yours as fast as possible.

If you are unhappy with your current online results, then here’s a motivational quote for you

If you always do what you’ve always done, then you always get what you always got.

– Author Unknown*

(*This quote is most often linked to Tony Robbins website, but has also been attributed to Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, and Mark Twain to name just a few. The conclusion? Tony Robbins has the best SEO of the four.)

So get ready to kick-butt in 2014! This is YOUR year!

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