While numerous social media accounts can be a substantial benefit for your business, it is always essential to keep and maintain your own website. There are many advantages to having your own business site that other sites cannot provide. Running a website may seem time consuming and costly, but not having one will be far more harmful for your business in the long term. If you are running or about to start a small business in 2023, here are some reasons why you absolutely need a website and how Smashing Pixels can help you.

1. A website legitimizes your business

Having a dedicated website for your business makes your company and brand look professional to potential customers. People have many choices when choosing a product, and you will always have competitors with the same products that you do. Having an official website for your business will help potential customers find it when researching their desired product. Having your own website also allows you to establish a distinct identity separate from similar businesses. You and your competitors have social media, but with your own site you can better communicate who you are and what your brand stands for.

2. Social media is unpredictable

Social media can be unpredictable and unreliable in many ways. The format and purpose of the sites may change over time and no longer be as helpful for your business as before. The popularity and audience of a social media site may also change significantly. If you put all of your attention on your businesses’ Facebook or Twitter account only for your target audience to go somewhere else, your business will suffer. Social media can be extremely helpful for promoting your business, advertising your products and reaching your targeted audience, but don’t make social media your only priority. To be successful in 2023 it is essential not just to have a website, but keep it up to date and continue to grow it alongside your business.

3. You have full control over your website

An official website gives you complete control of how to market and showcase your product. Any change to the site is completely determined by you, and will always be done specifically for the benefit of your business. Ownership of a website also gives you full control over information given. With social media sites, you can only present information about your brand through their channels and on their terms. With a personal website, the methods of communicating to customers and showcasing your products are entirely decided by you.

4. You can utilize Google rankings and SEO

With an official website, you can use Search Engine Optimization to draw all relevant posts, blogs and articles to one place. Google is by far the most popular search engine, so using SEO to rank your website high on Google search results is a crucial step to success. Unlike social media pages, your site is completely owned by you. Full control of your site allows you to build the site to be SEO friendly in ways you can’t do with social media accounts. If you successfully utilize Google rankings and SEO to drive traffic, your website will attract more attention than a social media page ever could.

5. You have a direct line of communication with your customers

Social media allows you to reply to comments and messages from customers, but your communication is limited to what the sites permit. With your own website, customers can reach and communicate with you directly. Having your own website makes interactions feel more personal, which builds trust between your business and the customer. You can also use Google Maps to help customers locate your business.

Social media can be a great help, but having your own website is essential for the success of your business in 2023. A website gives you full control of design, customer interaction and Google rankings. A website makes your business look official and professional to potential customers and partners.

If creating your own website seems like a daunting task, we can help. Smashing Pixels specializes in creating fully formed and professional websites for small businesses. If you are looking to increase the scale and success of your business, contact Smashing Pixels today.

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