Social media. It’s no longer an option. The future of your business depends on it. You need to know how to get on it, use it, leverage it, but most importantly how to get ahead and how to stay ahead of your competition… or you’re history! We know what you’re thinking. “Where and how do I get started with Social Media?” and “how do I use this stuff to actually grow my business” We get that a lot.  The answers are all at Tweetstock!

At Tweetstock we don’t do sales pitches and we don’t do highfalutin strategic mumbo jumbo either.  We deliver the real goods on how to start and grow your business online, no matter what “business” means to you, and we do it all in style.

Learn how to use social media, delight your customers and drive real business results at Tweetstock, Tuesday November 20th 2012. It’s a “hands on fun” kinda Social Media conference!  Tweetstock has been a great business resource since its inception in 2009.  Thousands have come out to learn and you should too. So buy you’re ticket now and please don’t be late for school!

We can’t wait to see you all there.

Keynote Speaker – Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten is one of North America’s top 10 Marketing Guru’s.  Stratten, is the author of the best selling books UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.  He will be sharing from his new book  The Book of Business Awesome. Stratten is a top influencers on Twitter and a pro at making client videos “go viral”.

His first book UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging became a national best-seller before it was released, and a Globe and Mail, National Post and #1 Business best-seller.

This is Scott’s 2nd time Keynoting at Tweetstock.  The first time he brought the house down and really gave everyone something to re-think about.  What has changed in 2 years?  A lot!  You do not want to miss this message.

Keynote Speaker – John Morgan

John Morgan is known as the Chuck Norris of Branding and is the author of Amazon’s Top-Rated Marketing & Sales book – Brand Against The Machine. John is a globally recognized branding & marketing leader who’s clients include some of the world’s largest brands, Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and solo-entrepreneurs.

John will be making his first visit to Tweetstock to deliver a keynote message in his no BS manner.  If you are serious about taking your marketing to the next level you want to connect with John.

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