Are you looking to hire one of Brantford’s local web design companies? If so, this article is for you.

In the past few years, we have worked with many local businesses, bringing life to their vision with respect to website design, video production, creating a social media strategy, and handling online marketing and advertising needs. And because our clients know how we do business and how hard we work for them, they often ask us who are some of the other web design companies in the Brantford area.

We’ve never been one to shy away from being very honest with respect to competition, so here is a list of 8 local web design companies in Brantford that you can hire:

1. Smashing Pixels Inc.: This is us. We build websites to get you results. We do this by becoming a part of your team.  We believe that creating a creative collision between our knowledge and yours will always produce the best results.   We focus on Web Design, SEO, Social Media and Professional Video.

2. Ball Media Corporation: Having been in Brantford for many years, Ball Media got their start in the music industry before moving into print, website design and video production.

3. Octopus Red: Octopus Red has been around for about 5 years. They are a marketing agency that will design your logo, work on marketing strategies, as well as design websites.

4. Blueprint Agencies: Blueprint Agencies is a full service, strategic marketing firm who design websites and social media strategy. They are based in Paris, Ontario.

5. Digital Duck Inc: Another staple of the Brantford website market over the years, Digital Duck Inc specializes in web design, web development, and video.

6. TDG Marketing: Like Ball Media and Digital Duck Inc, TDG Marketing has offered website design, graphics and social media management for many years in the Brantford area.

7. Flying Camel: Flying Camel is a full service communications company. They handle website design, corporate and online communications.

8. The Graffic Link: The Graffic Link has been servicing the needs of clients in the Brantford area for many years. They too, provide clients with website design and social media strategy.

If you’re getting ready to get a new website or update a current website, there are many companies to consider. As we have stated many times, 2 key components to having a great experience in creating your website are:

  1. Find a business partner that is aligned with your goals. Go beyond the design. Look for results.
  2. Find a team that can pull it off. The biggest concerns heard from clients coming to Smashing Pixels deal with the turn around time and deliverability they experienced with previous vendors. Set your goals and expectations up from and work from a Statement of Work (SOW). This will keep everyone on the same page.

If you find the highest quality in these two aspects, your ongoing website development experience will be an exceptional one.

Now, are you wondering how much to invest on your new website? If you haven’t done your homework the rates might shock you. Read our post to find out how much should a website cost.

Now it’s your turn. We want to hear from you.

If we have missed any local designers please add them to the comments below. Also, if you have had a positive experience with the list above then please share that as well.

About the featured image: “Bell Telephone Memorial, Alexander Graham Bell Park, Brantford, Ontario, Canada” by Harry Zilber – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons