How Much Should A Website Cost?

This is the million dollar question and the most common question we get asked by every client at Smashing Pixels. It's great to want to a website, but at the end of the day, we all want to know the price!

Why Information Architecture is a Must for Your Web‏ Design

When designing a website, your end goal should be simple. To design a site that balances your users’ expectations with your website goals.

5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work

Everyone is talking about how "Facebook Ads this" and "Facebook Ads that". How they are the best thing since, well, Google Ads. Everyone is saying it, “Facebook Ads is where it's at right now!”

What Makes a Good Website

Content Marketer Marcus Sheridan (aka The Sales Lion) asked a room full of conference attendees one simple question: What makes a great website?

Is Your Website Leaking Leads

You may be wondering “How come I am getting people to my site but I am not seeing any results?” The answer is you have a leak. The solution sounds simple: plug the holes and stop the leaks.

Hack attack on Smashing Pixels unsuccessful

Over the weekend I got an urgent email from our website. It was in trouble and needed my help.

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