The Challenge

We’ve been working with Kim Bailey for many years. Kim came to Smashing Pixels when she started working with the 21 teams and needed a new website. We decided to create a branding identity for Kim that would reflect 21 and use their colours and a website consistent with Kim’s brand. We added new pages to the site and removed old and unnecessary pages.

The Process

Paraphrase Kim came to Smashing Pixels when she transitioned to 21 teams and needed a new website. Kim wanted us to create a branding for her new website that would be consistent with the 21 brand and use their colours. We worked with Kim and her daughter Sarah to decide which content from the new site we should bring over to the new website. Kim also wanted the new website to feature her latest blog and podcasts. Kim and her daughter Sarah, a photographer, created the content for the new site. They provided the images for the new site. When all the new content was ready, we merged the new and old content. We created a new look consistent with Century 21 brand identity colours and showcased Sarah as part of the team.

The Solution

Kim’s new website is visually appealing with a consistent theme. It features Kim’s listings as well as her new blog. The new website is user-friendly, and we optimized every page to come up on top of google search results.

“ I would highly recommend the team at Smashing Pixels. They listened & they delivered!”

Kim B

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