Becoming partners on a dance studio web design is like finding the perfect dance partner. The many moving parts must move in sync, choreographed through design, imagination and technical knowledge.

Learning to dance is exciting. We think our recent experience with a new client can help illustrate for you what to expect when you choose to work with Smashing Pixels.

We were thrilled to be a part of the redesign and development of the new website for Woodstock dance studio Footprints Dance Centre!

Building their new dance studio website was a fun, creative experience, allowing the owner and head instructor, Lainy, as much (or as little) input as she desired.


Here is our process for the redesigned dance studio web design:

1. A potential client’s website is out of date and needs some TLC. Footprints smartly talked to many design companies to find a good fit before awarding the rebuild to Smashing Pixels.

2. Once we decided to proceed, we sat down to determine the needs which allowed us to put together a website statement of work. Using this tool helps both the client and our team achieve a clearer picture of the website that is desired and will ensure that the process runs smoothly, finishes on time and never goes over budget.

3. We don’t begin redesigning your website until the Statement of Work is signed by both parties. Once signed, we put together a wireframe of the existing site as well as initial design elements to ensure we remain on the right track. The whole process is about working together with the client at all stages so there are no surprises.

4. Once the preliminary design is created, we uploaded it for the client to approve. All of our websites are custom to the client’s needs. The designs will be unique and based on your input and on what we’ve learned of you through our communications.

5. Any changes that need to be done along the way are taken care of and then sent out again for client approval. You’ll let us know of any changes you’d like made to the design, and we’ll modify it as necessary until you completely love it. At that point, the design of the site is approved and we forge forward with the specifics on the remaining webpages.

6. We then format the website materials as they are received, make any changes requested, and add the finishing touches. We also ensure that the site is mobile friendly and works on all screens.

7. After receiving final approval, we soft launch the site to ensure the stability of it. We design on a secure development eco-system but sometimes when you move from your development version to the live version, the world wide web does not match up 100%. Not to worry, though. With a couple quick tweaks here and there, we get back on track and moving toward the GO LIVE situation. GO LIVE is when you scream from the mountain top that your new website will be officially launched! Even we like to brag about your new site, adding an announcement to one of our newsletters, our portfolio directory and promoting it further after the launch.

8. Our relationship doesn’t end there. After launching, we also add Google Analytics and Heat mapping to our site builds, as well as submitting it to Google through Webmaster Tools.

The whole web design experience is straightforward and as positive as possible. We take care of the details, so you can concentrate on your business.

We send our congratulations to Lainy on your new dance studio website!

Do you need a dance studio web design? Do you want to dance with Smashing Pixels? Got a dance studio in need of a new or updated website? Connect with us today. We’d love to help.