If you own a local business then you know the importance of attracting new local customers. Your customers are no longer going to the Yellow Pages to find your service, instead they are going online to find someone to solve their problem … and give their money to.

One way businesses are being found is through online local directories. These can be a great way of finding trusted local businesses to work with. Adding your name to a local directory is easy, the trick is to add your name to as many directory sites as you can. Failing to do so can really hurt your business.

One such local directory is Shop City. Their directories are listed under the Shop(add city name here).com websites. If you live in Brantford, then no doubt you have heard of ShopBrantford.com, a local Brantford directory.  If you are not already listed, stop reading and list your business on ShopBrantford.com.

Recently, we listed our company, Smashing Pixels, on ShopBrantford.com. Over the next few months we will measure our search engine results from ShopBrantford.com and report here what we discover.

In the meantime, you need to ensure you have as much presence online as possible so clients can find you. To help you out, here is a list of 10 more directories you MUST be listed on.

Aabaco (formerly Yahoo Business)
Yellow Pages
Angie’s List
Better Business Bureau

What are you waiting for. Go and start listing your local business today. Each directory you submit to is another chance to be found online, so it’s important to list on as many as possible.

Last Tip – Make sure all of your data is EXACTLY THE SAME on every directory.

Let us know how you did and keep checking in to see our results from our listing.