Persuasion and Trust are an important factors for all of the entrepreneurs out there.

Persuasion and trust equals can lead to success in business ie: closing more sales. Persuasion and trust If you cannot close the sale then you will not be in business long. So how do you close more sales? You have to learn how to persuade your customers better and then follow it up with by getting them to trust you.

How to persuade your customers to buy from you.

As sales people we often think that persuading our clients feels icky…as if we are pulling something over on them. But you need to adjust your thinking and realize that you are really leading them to a trusted decision.

Think about when you were younger and learning to swim. Did you start in the deep end or by jumping immediately off the top diving board? Probably not. You probably started in the shallow end with your mom telling you it was safe. Once you went in you realized you were safe you trusted moms decisions in the pool. And, when you wanted to venture into the deep end it was moms persuasion again that did the trick. After that if mom said you would be safe you trusted her.

Our clients are the same. They need to trust someone before making decisions.

Learn to build trust.

Once you have lead your clients to making better decision you will start building trust with them. Once you build trust it will be easier to lead them to more decisions (closing more sales) and eventually they will call you direct with the orders. No more having to close the sales, just keep focused on trust.

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