If you are serious about rolling up your SEO sleeves to help Google and other search engines find you and deliver some measurable results then you might consider including off-page SEO into your strategy.

As we all search for SEO gold we tend to get caught up in our on-site efforts (clean code and blogging) which are extremely important for continued growth but we sometimes forget how valuable off-site SEO can be for us.

Let me give you an example of off-site SEO.

Recently I was on a vacation visiting Canada’s East coast and before I left to come home I wanted to experience the best lobster roll that PEI had to offer.

So what did I do? I did what we all do. I went to Google and typed in “Who has the best lobster roll in PEI?”

The results came up and  a number people suggested that Richard’s at Cove Head had the best lobster roll so I clicked on the link to investigate. The link incidentally did not go to Richard’s website but instead went to TripAdvisor.

After reading the remarks from satisfied customers I was sold. I jumped in my car and drove towards Richards for my dining experience.

After driving 20 minutes I arrived at my destination ready to not just try the best lobster roll but to spend money. Again, I drove 20 min to spend money on food that was recommended to me on the internet and had everything to do with off-site SEO.

So why is this important?

What you need to realize is that how I searched for food is no different than how your customers are searching for you.

  • I was looking for an answer to my question and not necessarily looking for a specific website.
  • After scanning the search results I decided to click a link to read more.
  • Being satisfied with what I read I ended my search.
  • I didn’t even look at Richard’s website.

How do you get started with off-site SEO?

Getting client testimonials is a great place to start. Remember – If you post something on your website then it is simply a claim; however if someone else says it then it becomes a statement that is validated. This is huge in converting the sale. The