Creating trust

Customer testimonials are an important part of your online marketing program and to your online business growth. We tend to ask and trust friends, co-workers, and neighbours for recommendations on reliable services or products. Customer testimonials are word of mouth marketing from your friends.

Clients will have an easier time trusting your company when they see that previous customers were happy with their experience. You can tell me all day long how great you are, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll believe you – after all, you are trying to sell me something. Remember, if you say it then it’s a claim, but if a customer says it then it becomes a fact.

To get started you will need to make a list of all those clients you haven’t had a testimonial from and drop them an email and simply ask for the testimonial. Be sure to get permission to share it online and if possible link back to your client’s website. Once you receive the testimonial be sure to include their name and company when posting it online. Lastly, remember to thank the client for their time.

Here We Grow Again

We are updating our website and need client testimonials. If you have enjoyed reading our posts or have worked with us in the past and want to share your experience then we want to hear from you. Simply leave a comment below, write your testimonial, include your company name and web address that we can link to.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

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