The Challenge

When they first came to us, they didn’t have a website. The business needed a site on the web to showcase all of the CPAP and APAP products they sold online. We were challenged to build a website with a built-in e-commerce platform so they could give information about products and their company and offer the products they sold directly on the website.

The Process

We met with CPAP Care to help them reach more potential clients in their local area. We identified that the main issue was that they didn’t have a website. The owner wanted the new website to allow clients to create a quote and check for insurance coverage. They also wanted their website to show all the CPAP products they sold. We set out to make a website with a built-in e-commerce platform. The owner wanted the website to include images and videos which showcased services and provided “how-to” guidelines on the product. We optimized the new content so that every page would show up at the top of Google search results.

The Solution

We created a WordPress website for them and uploaded their inventory of over 400 products that ship across Canada. Once the site was ready and online, they had to attract customers. We achieved this by optimizing Google ads to drive potential customers to search for the products they offer on their site.

“We’re loving our new website. Trevor and his team helped bring our vision to life. They were great and easy to work with. I highly recommend their team for all your web needs!”

Ashley Mooney – The Glam House Nashville

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