The Challenge

This San Francisco-based accounting company is an international tax consulting firm whose clients include Start-ups, Growth Companies, and Large Corporations. VPTax challenged Smashing Pixels to create a web design that stood out against the Big 4 US accounting firms while still maintaining their motto, “Everything Tax. Simplified.”

The Process

We met with VPTax to help them create a web design that would make them stand out from their competitors. They wanted a non-traditional website, that was user-friendly and attractive looking. We decided to create easy-t use web design layouts. They wanted the graphic design elements to look simple and sophisticated – a look that reflected the culture of an accounting company but looked modern and dynamic at the same time. We decided on a website that looked crispy and clean and was easy to navigate, and minimalistic. We included a “about”, “solutions”, “results” and “news” landing pages. Under “solutions” we included a drop-down menu for the services and fees. Under the “results” section, we included case studies which showcased work with previous clients. Once the content was created, we were able to go in and optimize every single page so they would be able to show up at the top of Google search results.

The Solution

We designed the look and feel and user experience (UX) for the website to differentiate from the status quo. Using their motto as inspiration, Smashing Pixels created web design layouts that were easy to navigate and used simple, sophisticated, yet straightforward graphic design elements. The ultimate solution was our ability to distill the complex concepts of tax laws into a clean site design that mirrored the company culture.

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“I honestly can’t say enough about Trevor and his amazing team at Smashing Pixels—they are the best of the best. Yes, talented and skilled and absolutely awesome on the technical side, but it’s more than that. I can contact them from a remote island in Fiji or a ship sailing the Adriatic Sea—and believe me, I have—and they’re always quick to respond and at-the-ready for whatever I need. Attention to detail, genuine care for the client—it’s all there. I’ll say it again—Smashing Pixels is the best.”

Tim Johnson

Let’s Make Things Happen

Trevor Cherewka

Marketing, Sales, SEO, Trainer

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