Does your Content Marketing Strategy deliver?

Content Marketing Strategy

Every piece of marketing you do should consist of lead generation.

Build Customer Relationships

Content marketing is the perfect way to start building a relationship with your consumers. As a business owner, what you share with your audience builds customers and an important part of your marketing sucess. Regular communication through blogging, social media channels, newsletters, or video has to be engaging and valuable to the reader or viewer. More than that, it has to be cohesive. Your messaging through any and all channels needs to work together.

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Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Engage your Audience – Influence your clients to take action at the right moment in time.

Every piece of marketing you do should consist of lead generation. Consider using a Call-to-Action (CTA) to get a quote, or offering gated content like discount codes or an e-book download in exchange for a reader’s name and email address. Effectively gathering customer information allows you to reach out with future communication.


There are many reasons why websites use a blog, but simply put, the blog benefits your business. Not only does it drive traffic to your website through engaging content, that traffic converts into leads. Your blog also positions you and your company as an expert and authority in your industry. Competition online is fierce and it is only getting tougher. Your customers want to get instant answers and spend less time online doing research. They are looking for one thing and one thing only, Can your company solve my problem?

When potential clients visit your page, you need to ask yourself, Does my website answer all the questions this client might have? If not, you can be sure that these potential clients will find another website that has more info, more blogs, and may never come back to yours. It’s hard enough to get people to your site in the first place. Don’t give them a reason to leave.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the dump truck of the digital marketing world. It ain’t sexy but it’s reliable and just keeps working. While many digital marketers prefer to talk about shiny new platforms, email marketing has been around since the beginning of the internet. Well, almost.

Regardless of the start, email marketing leads clients to the finish. It is appropriate for any audience and still delivers crazy-high ROI. Combine your email list with Facebook and you can create create a custom audience and watch your numbers increase. When combined with Facebook, email openers were 22% more likely to purchase.